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Souffle Japancakes

Short Summary: Souffle Japancakes in Greenslopes offers delicious and fluffy pancakes, both sweet & savory, alongside crepes. Their matcha pancakes and eggs benedict are must-tries, while the coffee might not be the most exciting. Great for a light breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, or a cute dessert stop.

Left: Full Cream Milk Latte | Right: Almond Milk Latte

Starting off, it's essential to approach trying coffee from new cafes with a serious palate, but honestly, the experience didn't quite meet expectations. Perhaps it's the former barista in me setting high standards, but the brew lacked uniqueness. The pairing of bean and milk, especially with almond milk, fell flat. It's often tricky to find espresso that complements plant-based milk, and this attempt missed the mark. The distinct unsweetened almond milk taste and watery consistency hinted at a lack of barista expertise in handling plant-based alternatives.

The beans themselves played it safe, offering a bland and bitter experience devoid of any distinctive character, which was disappointing considering the food options were exceptional.

Kyoto Uji Match

However, one cannot overlook the Matcha offering, which was delightful. The fluffy pancakes accompanied by a balanced matcha sauce, strawberries, red bean paste, and a touch of mochi created a harmonious blend of flavors. It struck the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Free Range Eggs Benedict w/ Salmon

Moving on to the eggs Benedict, the presentation alone was captivating. The pancakes were exceptionally fluffy, not overly drenched in sauce, with just the right amount of salmon, spinach, and egg, creating a perfect ensemble for savoring.

"Souffle Japanese Pancakes" introduces the concept of fluffy pancakes to Greenslopes. With a diverse range of savory and sweet options, including crepes, it's a fail-safe choice for morning or afternoon tea. The bright ambiance, small indoor seating, and ample outdoor seating make it an ideal spot for a light meal.

Souffle Japancake

Address: 588 Logan Rd, shop 4 Greenslopes, Queensland

Google Map: Map

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